Invited Speaker

Dr. Igor Temkin, Professor

Dr. Igor Temkin, Professor

Department of Automated Control Systems, National University of Science and Technology, Russia
Speech Title: Intelligent Control of the Autonomous Dump Trucks Movement in the Quarry based on Digital Twins and Soft Computing Models

Abstract: This article discusses modern modeling technologies that open up new opportunities in solving the problem of autonomous robotized heavy dump trucks control in the open pit mine. Specific approaches to the intelligent management of transport and technological operations are mentioned while the extraction of mineral raw materials is discussed. A brief overview of methods and tools for modeling technological processes in open pit mining is given. It is proposed to use the instrumental environments of the gaming industry platforms and virtual reality systems as a toolkit for solving problems related to modeling the dynamics of autonomous mobile objects in 3D. The classes of agents introduced by us for the convenience of structuring the tasks to be solved are briefly described. The main developed functional elements and algorithms, which using fuzzy models of the intelligent control are given, as well as the generalized structure of the control system for technological processes in the quarry. The principles of operation are described, and the advantages of a particular tool for creating digital 3D models are discussed. Some results obtained in the course of the modeling of the transport cycle with the use of digital 3D model of the quarry and digital shadows of mobile objects are presented.

Keywords: intelligent control, autonomous robotized heavy dump truck, digital modeling, digital twin, soft computing, algorithms of prediction, optimization and fuzzy control

Biography: Igor Temkin graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics with a degree in project and production of computer systems. In 1986, he graduated from postgraduate studies at Moscow State Mining University (MSMU) and defended his Ph.D. thesis, related to the mining technological processes control systems. In 1996 he defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of creating an intelligent system in the mining industry. During the past around 30 years, he worked as an assistant, assistant professor and professor in MSMU. He has led the Department of Automated Control Systems in National University of Science and Technology (MISIS) since 2013. He also has led Russian and international scientific and educational projects repeatedly. He is the director of the Fund “Modern Science Education” and manages the laboratory “Intelligent Mining Enterprise”.

Research Interests: intelligent control systems, technological data analysis and geoinformatics, modeling of a complex industrial objects