Invited Speaker

Dr. Mitsukuni Matayoshi, Professor

Dr. Mitsukuni Matayoshi, Professor

Department of Industry and Information Science, Okinawa International University, Japan

Speech Title: Tree Chromosome Structure in a Genetic Algorithm to Identify Functions

Abstract: The scientist finds laws from observed data. To find a law of nature automatically has long been human's dream. One famous attempt is Genetic Programming (GP), which is an expansion of the genetic algorithm (GA) to treat structural representations of functions directly as gene code with LISP. However one big problem in GP needs the huge amount of calculation time. In this presentation, tree Chromosome Structure in a genetic algorithm to Identify Functions which succeeds in function identifications called symbolic regression is presented. There are four main points in this presentation. First, the tree structure is mounted on a chromosome structure for simple GA. Second, the proposed method succeeded in identifying the target functions which are composed of algebraic functions, primary transcendental functions, time series functions include a chaos function, and user-defined one-variable functions from the observed data. Third, some local search methods which aims at the identification success rate improvement, shortening identification time and to find more sophisticated function representations. The introduced local search methods succeed in function identifications more than previously study. Indeed, some results show that when some functions were identified, the improvement of identification rate and shortening time were indicated. However, there are some ineffectual results. It would show that the solution, which means the each target function representation, is in unique search space. To propose new local search method is the most important research area now. And finally, the proposed chromosome structure can be adapted for identifying Boolean functions. The target Boolean functions have single output and single/multiple variable input.

Biography: Mitsukuni Matayoshi is a full-time professor of Department of Industry and Information Science, College of Industry and Information Science, Okinawa International University from 1999. Director of Information Center in 2008-2009. Chairman of College of Industry and Information Science in 2011-2012. He was an invited speaker of FSDM 2017 and he was a chair of a session with the 2014 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Multicriteria Decision-Making (IEEE MCDM'2014). From 1995 to 1999, He was a lecturer of Meio University, Management and Information Sciences. After that, he was a stuff of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and he was sent as a full-time expert staff member of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology from January to March 1994. He has two degrees. One of them is Doctor of Engineering (D. Eng.), the other one is Master of Fine Arts. His research area of D. Eng. is solving combinatorial optimization problems by using evolutionary computation approaches, especially the method what is mainly used is genetic algorithm (GA). Studying traditional dyeing and weaving techniques is his another research area of MFA. He has written three books about the area already.

Research Interests: Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Algorithm.